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Satanist Running for Office in California


By Rodney Pelletier

Steve Hill, running for state senate, is a member of the Satanic Temple

PALMDALE, Calif. ( – A self-admitted atheist and organizer for the Satanic Temple in Los Angeles is running for a seat in the California senate.

Steve Hill, a stand-up comedian and former U.S. Marine, is running for the senate in the 21st district, occupying the northern part of Los Angeles County and part of San Bernardino County. He’s one of four candidates hoping to replace the Republican incumbent, who isn’t running for re-election for health reasons. Hill ran as a write-in candidate in a special election last year but wasn’t elected.

He’s an unapologetic member of the Los Angeles chapter of the Satanic Temple, a New York-based organization with chapters all over the United States.

Hill told Time, “I’m a Satanist as far as trying to get people to understand that I don’t believe in the devil any more than I believe in God. All of it is stupid. But if I have to tell people I’m the devil to get them to listen, then, OK, I’m the devil.”

His campaign website lists issues like education, prison reform and jobs as primary issues. In a press release he comments, “America’s offices of political authority have been overrun by spineless candidates who neither understand the function of their posts, nor the limits of their power.”

He addresses his view — which is typical of the followers of the Satanic Temple — that politicians are constantly catering to Christian religious interests.

“[C]ongressional representatives and senators have demonstrated that their loyalties to their religious faiths completely supersede any presumption of loyalty to Constitutional values of pluralism and true Religious Liberty.”

He argues that “many of our own politicians are more concerned with defining us as a ‘Christian Nation,’ rather than resolving fundamental issues for all citizens, whether Christian, Jew, Muslim, Hindu, Atheist or Satanist.”

Lucien Greaves, spokesman for the Satanic Temple, commented, “[It]’s refreshing to have a candidate running for office who advocates for wholesome Satanic values.”

Hill admits his politics seem a bit extreme even for the Democratic Party, which he says has abandoned him. He plans to register as a third party candidate for the primaries on June 7. California’s senate election is on November 8.

Watch’s coverage of the Detroit Satanic Temple’s unveiling of their statue:

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