Demon Worship in the Public Square

by Veronica Coffin on August 24, 2015



How satanism is hiding behind “political theatre” as they worship demons

by Matthew Pearson

Homosexuality, public fornication and the sacrificing of children to demons — these heinous acts are making their appearance in the public square, and each of them is condemned explicitly in Scripture.

The antics of the Satanic Temple and similar groups are beginning to manifest this demonic activity in the public square.

May 2014

The first shot fired from the demonic underworld was the “political statement” of a public Satanic Black Mass planned for Harvard University. This event was quickly shut down by the university as thousands of Catholics filled the streets of Boston in protest.

September 2014

Just a few months later in Oklahoma City, self-proclaimed satanist Adam Daniels conducted a public Black Mass as protesters prayed outside the local Civic Center. Daniels confessed in an interview with Tulsa World that he is a real satanist and would be conducting a real Black Mass altered only because of state laws. Daniels explains that his normal Black Masses done in private include:

  • nudity
  • sex
  • spitting on the Communion Host
  • stomping on the Communion Host
  • urinating/defecating on the Communion Host
  • prayers to denounce Jesus Christ
  • swearing allegiance to the devil
  • exorcism prayers to rid people of the Holy Spirit

December 2014

In Lansing, Michigan, the Satanic Temple constructed their Snaketivity Scene to compete with the regular Christian Nativity Scene of the birth of Jesus Christ in Bethlehem. The display depicted a snake around a cross with the display reading: “The Greatest Gift is Knowledge” — a reference to the Book of Genesis account of Adam and Eve’s being tempted by the serpent to disobey God and take from the Tree of Knowledge.

July 2015

The Satanic Temple of Detroit once again made headlines as they unveiled their demon statue Baphomet at a rave party in a downtown Detroit warehouse. Immediately after the unveiling, homosexual acts immediately took place between two men and two women on the statue’s lap. The crowd also broke into chants of “Hail Satan” as they partied the night away.

August 2015

One month later, as the nation’s biggest Planned Parenthood protest took place across the country, Detroit’s Satanic Temple once again brought their activity to the public square with a pagan milk bathing ritual, while members once again chanted “Hail Satan.”

The Satanic Temple defended the ritual as “radical political theatre to illustrate the theocratic agenda imposed upon female bodies.”

At a different Planned Parenthood protest in the metro Detroit area that same day, the crew was shown another side of the occult underworld as wiccan witches showed up with signs advocating for abortion.


The ritual of milk bathing has ties to many different occult and Eastern mystical traditions. In some occult writings, a relationship and ritual is drawn by using milk as a symbol of a lactating mother and the milk bathing as a sign of worship to a Mother Earth goddess (Gaia). The ritual of milk bathing is a precursor to the more devious blood bathing rituals, where animal or human blood is bathed in or sprinkled on the participant (as can be seen in this video of a satanic death metal band sprinkling pig blood from a Baphomet-like goat’s head on the crowd). Some in the crowd began immediately vomiting.

This demonic activity points directly to the heart of the abortion industry. It is nothing but a sacrament to Satan himself. All witchcraft, sorcery and occult practices draw demonic power at the destruction and death of innocents. The Satanic Temple is not defending Planned Parenthood because of politics — they are defending their sacrament — their anti-sacrament — their only source of power from their gods of the underworld.
The ancient  demon and false idol Moloch has always been depicted as the demon that demanded child sacrifice. Parents would willingly drop their children into flames of fire surrounding a statue of the demon.
We’ve entered a time when these atrocities take place, although they are not done publicly — not yet, anyway.
Fomer satanist Zachary King recounts his time as a high wizard when he participated in nearly 150 abortions for satanic rituals, more than 20 of which took place after hours in Planned Parenthood abortion chambers. The mothers of these babies were satanists who became pregnant for the sole reason of sacrificing their children to the demons.
The recent trend of bringing satanism into the public square is not political theatre. It is an all-out assault on Christianity and specifically on the Catholic Church and Jesus Christ in the Holy Eucharist and in the holy priesthood. It’s telling that Black Masses always use consecrated Hosts stolen from Catholic Masses. The Catholic Church teaches that the consecrated Host is the actual Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity of Our Lord, and thus the most sacred thing in earthly existence. Indeed, saints have gone to their deaths defending the Eucharist from desecration. Satanists understand this, and even believe it — thus their willingness to go out of their way to steal consecrated Hosts and only use those for their liturgical rituals. Protestants would do well to pay close attention to this undeniable fact.
It’s only a short matter of time before these debaucherous acts are taken directly to the public square and we enter into a new dark age where demon worship and death can no longer go ignored, even for the most naïve political and religious pundits.
As it has always been, the Catholic Church, the holy priesthood and Jesus Christ in the Most Holy Eucharist are our only hope of salvation.

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