Gay Rights Group Desecrates Pro-Life Cross Display

by Veronica Coffin on April 13, 2015





For the second time in four years, LGBT activists desecrated and destroyed a pro-life display set up on the campus of Clarion University in Pennsylvania.

It only took 12 hours for the display set up by the student group at the public university to tear down and destroy the tiny crosses set up on the lawn commemorating the lives lost to abortion.

Campus Reform is reporting that not only did vandals throw the white crosses in the garbage, many were broken in half and had messages scrawled on them. Some of them read “Would you support this life if it was gay? And “Would you support if this life was trans?”

The student vice president of the Students for Life chapter on campus said it was discriminaton.

“This was a reprehensible act of discrimination against Students for Life,” said Garrett. “It was an attack on the freedom of speech. I find it quite ridiculous that this is the second time since 2011 that our crosses have been desecrated.”

Four years ago, students at the university turned about 350 crosses upside down and splattered them with fake blood and used the paint to draw fake bloody footprints on the sidewalk in front of the display.

The police are investigating the incident. The folks at Campus Reform called the “Office of Social Equity” at the school but the official they spoke with said they wouldn’t comment and the person on the other end of the line wouldn’t even give their name.



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